Saturday, May 23, 2009

143/365 Belated Mother's Day Present

Today was the 8th grade dance. Sure, I thought it was ridiculous for the school to plan the dance right in the middle of the Memorial Day weekend. We had thought about taking a little road trip or visiting my sis in Tallahassee, but my girl's a social butterfly, and she couldn't live with the thought of a dance going on without her. So we endured the search for a dress, shelled out the bucks, gathered the necessary accessories, and pinky-swore that I'd do my best to fix her up with a snazzy 'do if she wouldn't fuss at me.

I think she looked like a million bucks, though I must say the vision of my daughter in a white sateen dress gave me a preview of the nausea I'd be enjoying on some other white-dress day in the future.

She and her goofy friends enjoyed the dance, then during the ride home she begged for a friend to spend the night. Well, Dad and Mom had planned to attend a grown-up party, some 30 minutes away, with some new friends and cast mates. But I thought about being a girl of 14. I would want to spend the night with a friend after the dance. So we're home now instead of partaking of libation and lively chatter. I scrambled some eggs and toasted some bagels for the starving debutantes and set them up with a movie for bedtime. Out of the blue, my girl gave me a hug and a very sincere "Thank you for the most awesome day. I love you Mommy."

Worth it all.


MJ said...

So glad it was worth it--all the work and sacrifices--for everyone.

BJNR said...

I'm so happy everything worked out. She looked AMAZING!!! I can't believe that's the same little girl that I used to hold! "Spoon....spoon....Aunt Barb is a loon!!!" I, too, am not prepared for any other white dress event for her!!