Sunday, May 3, 2009

123/365 Ordinary, Extraordinary Sunday

More than 1/3 into my project 365, and I'm trying to make a conscious effort to snap a picture each day. Sometimes I have an epiphany, and I can come up with a photo to match. Sometimes I have a decent picture, and I needn't say too much. Today I have had neither, and it's after 7 PM. The only picture I snapped was the family loading the small trunk of the convertible with our loot after a Costco run. We love to ride with the sun and the wind. The cool, aloof, teenage daughter actually pitched in with the schlepping, and then did a great job practicing piano and voice, making for a pleasant afternoon. The recovered husband and I undertook a 16 mile bike ride this morning, definitely adding to the "pinch-me-I-live-here" feeling we've had lately. We worked diligently to memorize our scripts as we sat in the shade of the bottle brush trees beside the pool. A little grill action for dinner, and the Starbucks Espresso Roast is grinding as I write this. No epiphany. No great photo. Just a day filled with many blessings.


BJNR said...

Life IS Good!!

MJ said...

LJ has that problem some days too. How often can we write about a simple, happy day? I'm glad you had another good one.

Kathy said...

Some of the most rewarding days are the most simple and ordinary. For us, Sunday was about Little League fund raising, a local street fair (in the rain, no less) and groceries. I felt rather fulfilled!