Monday, May 4, 2009

124/365 Do Unto Others

I'm the one in the little chair today. To prepare myself to become a presenter on a new topic I'm attending a local seminar on Differentiated Instruction in a Whole Group Setting. Just like the lovely sites I've had the pleasure of visiting, a Holiday Inn meeting room houses the training for today. Maybe it's because I know the program pretty well, as I've already thoroughly reviewed the presentation material and participated in a 2 day training on this topic, but I find I'm lousy at being a participant. I have little interest in "getting-to-know" you activities, I don't want to get up and vote with my feet, I don't care for clever ways to applaud for classmates, and I cannot sit still. We're only 90 minutes in and I've already doodled 2 1/2 pages of notebook paper. I'm listening, and I'm trying not to be a distraction, but I think I understand why people often tell me that they like my presenting style. I'm a meat-n-potatoes person. That's what I want for myself, so that's what I like to serve. Certainly a topic like Differentiated Instruction in a Whole Group Setting has more than enough meat in it, and I'm ready to serve it up.


MJ said...

I can totally picture you sitting there, trying hard not to distract.
I love your presentation style--it's so fast-paced and assumes I know a thing or two. (Let's hope I do!)

I hope the rest of the training flew by. Next time, you'll be on your feet doing the training at some Holiday Inn conference center.

EJG said...

You will make the subject your own, because that's what great presenters/teachers do. They make it meaningful for themselves first.

I don't know how teachers teach without a passion for their subject.

Cora Spondence said...

This is only one hoop. In a short while, you'll be running your own show, people will flock as they always have and you will honor the intellectual energy and spirit of teachers instead of what you had to witness today.
OY. It makes my head hurt knowing you had to do this.