Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please, God. Let it count.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Scary Burger King Guy Would Be A Welcome Change

In my hotel room the television keeps me company. The innocenct sounds of Wheel of Fortune are intended to break the silence and provide a backdrop for my workshop-prepping and net-surfing. But the innocence is broken by loud, condescending campaign ads. The Republicans use the movie voice over guy, images of Washington D.C. melting away, and Obama's face in a pained grimace. They claim "leadership" on the financial crisis (didn't the House vote fail, in spite of McCain's suspension?) and then randomly insert graphics about the tax and spend policies of Obama, in some kind of attempt to hold him responsible for the current mess.

How can they get away with saying Obama has no experience yet simultaneously blame him for the financial crisis brought to fruition by a couple of generations 'de-regulators?" I'm guessing the majority of "Wheel Watchers" don't bother to do any fact-checking on their own. Campaign advertisements on TV encourage lazy citizenship. We'd be better without them.