Wednesday, May 13, 2009

133/365 Proud Lawn Guy

Suburban housewife I'm not. I don't wear starched skirts and high heels while swirling my appletini, but I used to enjoy one stereotypical perk of suburbia. We had our "guys." Tuesday brought the Lawn Guy, and Friday brought the Pool Guy. My grass was manicured and edged, all evidence thereof windswept off my driveway, without my lifting a hand higher than the checkbook. My filter was rinsed, chlorine adjusted, and all stray leaves eradicated from the collection baskets without my breaking a sweat. Alas, the economy, the job reduction, and the time at home. I am now the Guy. Both Guys, actually. Maybe it's coincidence, but I find myself in the pool more often, basking in its sparkling, cool wonder. When I leave the driveway I sometimes back up before going forward, allowing myself a full view of the carpet of green and my meticulous handiwork. A well-timed injury may be partly to blame, but the spouse hasn't laid a finger on the mower, edger, or weed whacker. I think he knows where to test the pool water, but he hasn't done it yet. Just as well. I own the gloating priveleges. And I gloat often.


EJG said...

Didn't I tell you?... The doctor said I shouldn't push a mower or lean over the side of a pool for at least (fill in number here) months.

MJ said...

It looks amazing!
We've been doing that backing up thing too since we redid our front yard and got rid of the grass for some agapanthus.
Maybe you could publish this year's blog entries under a title like: Pictures of a New Economy.