Tuesday, March 31, 2009

90/365 Does it look like I give a?

Spirits up. Confidence down. As I left him in the hospital for a second night he can still laugh, but I'm ready to punch in a wall. 18 hours is too long to wait to see your admitting doctor. 25 hours too long for the first specialist (infectious diseases doc). Second specialist at hour 29 (neurologist). Right now he's on a strict regimen of Advil and plenty of water. Thank God we have a modern medical facility for that. And sometime tomorrow, maybe 48 or more hours after entering the hospital with double vision and difficulty tracking movement with his eyes, maybe within 48 hours the opthalmologist will examine him. Until then I will pull my 14 hour bedside shift, trying to find things to make us both laugh, running about to find some take-out to avoid the dreaded "nutrition" tray and ignoring the possibility that this could be anything serious. Advil and plenty of fluids?


Kathy said...

It's just mind blowing how slow these medical professionals move! How frustrating. My thoughts are with you. I will send EG as much in the way of "get better' energy that I can. (I have no such magical powers, but I want him to get better soon.)

BJNR said...

...and people wonder why Obama wants to make Health Care reform a priority? Frustrating!!