Thursday, March 19, 2009

78/365 Day of Dichotomy

Started out with 6 hours in the ER. Cat scan. Complete bloodwork and spinal tap. Negative times three. We've ruled out menengitis, anneurism, stroke, blood clots, tumors and viruses. His severe headache pain that has kept him from sitting or standing since Tuesday is heretofore attributed to the muscles in his neck, likely injured by the stubborn mule deciding to move chorus risers by himself. After a horse dose of morphine, he's feeling much better.

She may look cute, but application of the make-up almost caused a battle to the death.

The play was... is.... complete. Looking forward to the productions at DASOTA!


Liz said...

So sorry for the discomfort. Hope EJG feels better soon.

IMG makes a gorgeous lion. Sure wish we could have been there.

Love you three!

MJ said...

EJG is such a good sport--having his pictures taken during such discomfort. He looks like he's kept his sense of humor.

And what a cute lion on this three picture day!

BJNR said...

Why didn't you title this, "The Lion and the Pussycat"? Congrats to IMG and EJG, please get better soon!!!! It stinks being old, doesn't it?