Tuesday, March 3, 2009

62/365 Research and Reinstatement

I spent my afternoon at the delicious, new UNF library, re-upping my lingo on the latest in Title I reading strategies. At tomorrow's interview I want to talk the talk, so I researched and read 3 years worth of IRA's Reading Teacher magazine. Fluency, leveled reading, phonemic awareness, reading club, engagement, inventory, running record, graphic organizer, response journal, echo reading, think aloud. I'm good to go. What a great facility! Chock full of comfy places to read, write, or just chill. It made me want to be a student again!

While at the library I had to step outside when my cellphone vibrated and danced across the table. Apparently, a little bit of politics at the school board office had the right intentions in mind, for a change. The music teacher stays and the principal has to eat crow.


BJNR said...

Oh Happy Day!!! Let's go for 3 for 3!! Got get 'em girl!!!!

EJG said...

I remember the UNF library when it was a dark, dank, dungeon. Now, long after I graduated, it's a beautiful, inspiring place to learn.


MJ said...

Wow. You made me want to go there. I got excited about the new library and the reading research.

The music teacher bit--yea, I read it in my morning paper.

(And, I listened to my voice mail.)