Sunday, December 20, 2009

354/365 Another Day of Firsts

This evening we had our dear friends, the J's and the B's over to the house. In preparation for this dinner/get-together we whipped up some festive Winter treats. That's my girl, manning the latke pan, a first. She kept saying how much she enjoyed cooking, and she seemed so proud when she flipped each latke, having achieved that perfect golden brown. "I'm glad I'm good at something besides singing," she said. She's good at so many things, really. Making me smile, making me scream, making friends.

The J's brought LMJ, their precocious 2 1/2 year old daughter. Her last visit here was a pool visit, and she warmed up to talk to us about the time they were packing the water wings back into the car. Not so this time. She came in with an agenda, and she remembered where she was. Heading for the cats, their toys, and the fireplace statues, she marched around the house like she owned it, giving gentle commands in her a girly-nasaly-two-year-old voice. I remember when my girl had that same voice. Confident in the role of commander-in-chief, but still so curious and affectionate. This evening we were treated to a concert including the alphabet song and the refrain of the Winnie the Pooh theme. It wasn't very long ago that my little one butchered a childhood anthem and proclaimed "I'm a little peepot." Time whips by.

As we chatted this evening, my blogging habit came up. Will I continue for another 365? I don't know for sure. Some days I had little to write about, but I now realize that looking back at the little things can show us we have a lot. Like today, for example. Some fried potatoes, some friends, some singing, no headlines to be sure. But they are still moments worth remembering.


Michael said...

Actually you must think you're already in your second year of blogging ... 369/365? Oops ... ;-)

SJR said...

My friend ... it's the days where there are no headlines that you find the subjects that should be the headlines. I love reading about your family. It warms my heart. <3

EJG said...

I love being part of your blog.... I mean life.

MJ said...

When we got home, LMJ kept talking about her visit. I asked if she loved EJG & JSG, she said...."and Iwana." Thanks again for making us laugh, sing, play, eat. We had a blast. Keep writing. You connect us all together.