Friday, December 11, 2009

345/365 I teach at a school of the arts!

Granted, I don't teach the arts area. Darn piano tech... even though I qualify for the Music certification.... Back in the day, in a college practice room I only wanted to sing, not to make my fingers play scales and hateful Hannon.
In whatever capacity, it's pretty cool to be at an arts school. It's especially cool that we have these arts schools in in Jacksonville, a city that might well have the motto "Gators n' Guns."
I enjoyed the choral concert this evening. The 2 choral directors masterfully navigated the minefield of the middle school male voice. Nobody was harmed in the preparation of the concert, and some lovely music was made.


Michael said...

I am completely grateful (another post for my blog at some point) and never forget how lucky I am to be teaching at DA. I don't teach in an arts area, either, though I used to teach theatre and musical theatre in the first few years of the school, but I don't miss the WORK involved. I'd rather teach my math classes and enjoy the kids performing under someone ELSE's direction!