Monday, December 14, 2009

348/365 Too far

It has been brought to my attention that certain siblings feel they've been under-represented in the blogging project, getting their first mention on day 352. Just an indication that they are all too far away, and that my travels don't often allow me to go from my point A to their B or C. But that has to be our priority. Looking forward to a possible re-connect weekend in January doesn't keep me from missing my sisters and their respective clans. Growing up I'd imagined that we'd all end up in the same neighborhood, maybe even on the same street. I thought we'd casually drop in on each other like we used to do as kids when we all piled into one bed and made a sleepover party. We'd tell silly stories and laugh till we peed. Literally. When we're together we are right back into it (literally). Sometimes I'm kind of sorry that my daughter will never know the love I have had. Really, there is nothing like the love of a sister.


kathyzeigerson said...

How lucky you are to have that relationship with your sisters! My little ones, opposite sex and all, are incredibly close to one another and it warms my heart every day.