Sunday, December 27, 2009

361/365 Alone, yet surrounded by people

I woke early this morning - about 6:15 AM to a crowded but quiet house. I crept about, gathered my things, and went for a slow solo run with my newest soundtrack purchase. A quirky set of songs - everything from a torch song rendition of My Husband Makes Movies by Marion Cotillard to a club mix of Be Italian and a rap/hip-hop version of Quando, Quando, Quando with Fergie and a Pea. We had a good time on the trail, the soundtrack and I, putting in 5 miles and returning before anyone woke up. Then the visiting cousins, my family and my mom convened for a Sunday Cracker Barrel breakfast. A table for 8 took the better part of an hour to secure, and the store/restaurant was so packed we couldn't find a spot to wait inside. Surrounded by people. Post breakfast we returned home to practice our tunes for a re-wedding of the children of a school friend. It was a precious ceremony, complete with bride and groom's kids as the flower duo. The wedding party, musicians, and guests all herded to the mother of the groom's house, a block away, for a standing-room-only reception. Great food, a lovely Victorian home, and plenty of conversation. Surrounded by people. Having my fill of crowds today, I retreat to my bed where I'll make room for the husband, daughter and two cats, surrounded again. Sometimes it's a bit chaotic, and I am glad that I can steal a moment or a run alone, but I'm thankful that I'm not lonely!


EJG said...

Friends and family. Life is too short for everything else.

BJNR said...

Once again, you have your priorities straight!