Tuesday, December 22, 2009

356/365 Feeling No Pain...well, the cat isn't

Recovering well after her annual trip to the vet, Gretel enjoys some sunshine. That makes one of us. As if my throbbing jawbone wasn't enough excitement, I reunited with the personal trainer at the Y today. Let's just say that I hope I don't need to use the bathroom again tonight, because lowering myself into the sitting position causes me to see stars. This is good pain, but it's soreness that wouldn't have happened a year ago from what was really just a moderate workout. Maybe I've been using his brain injury/recovery/ my new job as an excuse to stop any training but the kind we do on the trail to Starbucks. The pain is a reminder, and resolution time looms near.


EJG said...

My resolution for 2010 is to be more like Gretel.

SJR said...

Know that pain well. After a day on the track (motorcycle roadrace track), I would literally fall when trying to sit.

My resolution is to learn how to spell Gretel! :-)

MJ said...

It's hard to fit everything in to life, isn't it? At least you're busy doing things you love. Is J still your trainer?