Friday, January 22, 2010

Teacher Workday

The grades are entered, the next couple of weeks plans are made. The classroom was tidied up and I am raring to go. Half a school year left. Today we had the time to collaborate as a grade level within the Language Arts department, and it was wonderful. We each contributed with our strengths and helped to build truly solid plans for all of our students. Having the time to collaborate with other teachers is essential and it is simply criminal that we are only allotted 1/40th of our working days to do that. The system is designed to be punitive rather than preventative, allowing teachers to sink or swim alone in that isolated box called their classroom. Usually the life raft exists in the form of their peers. What we can do together!


Michael said...

At least you actually had some time to work ... I had not one but TWO meetings today, so I had maybe at most a couple of hours of actual work time. I got quite a bit done, but I wish I could've gotten ahead.

BJNR said...

Sad, but true commentary. Sink or swim teachers!

MJ said...

I remember the year we got NO planning days (other than pre-planning) due to the 4 hurricanes at the start of the year. I couldn't believe what a difference it made to lose those 3 days. Like swimming without coming up for air.