Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, Old Us.

Our quiet celebration at home involved a Glee marathon, followed by a Rockin' New Years Eve including equally horrifying views of Dick Clark's condition and JLo's unitard. Libation consisted 1 glass of champagne, a couple of hot wings.

Mr. Dental Braggart, the husband, cracked a tooth during the snacking... blaming it on the bone in a hot wing, but I actually witnessed the dental event while he munched a puffy Cheez Doodle.

12:30 was plenty late for me, but when I retired to bed, the body rebelled. Stomach drama ensued all night, and I spent the first hours of '10 in the corner of our master bathroom, close to the porcelain depository.

We are both eating impaired heading into today's celebration, a 4 birthday/New Year gab-and-gobble with our dear friends the J's and the B's at the unsuspecting Maggiano's. But without his tooth or my digestive system, it is unlikely we will meet our potential. This is like going to the world series with A-Rod and Jeter on the questionable list! Either way, I am looking forward to beginning the year with laughter and friendship. We are so lucky to have friends who are funny, smart, and sincere.

As to another New Year's tradition, I resolve to make some resolutions soon.


EJG said...

We've been training all our lives for today's eat-a-thon. I am sure that the only thing that will crack under pressure will be my tooth.

Here's to family and friends, far and near. May we all laugh and love throughout this new year!

BJNR said...

Thank you for posting about what should have been a dreadful evening. You managed to turn it into fodder for a laugh fest.

Speaking of fest, may your "issues" not prevent you from enjoying a fabulous Maggiano's meal.

Love you and miss you!

MJ said...

It seemed that you guys were able to enjoy a bit of the food. We enjoyed your company so much.
We could talk and laugh with you for hours--three wasn't even enough due to our stretched out table setting. We'll meet again soon for brunch or maybe a Mochi meeting. Gosh, maybe we should meet for some of those....what are they called? Exercise thingees? Races? Probably healthier than these dining events.
Long comment, oops. Sorry. So much left to say while my food digests.