Sunday, January 17, 2010

In appreciation of appliances

With all of us here at the house, residents and visiting family, I am most definitely in appreciation of modern appliances. The dishwasher is getting a 2 - 3 times daily running. The washer, dryer, coffee pot, stove, toaster, microwave, and fridge are all serving us well. It's beyond my imagination, the life of the homemaker before these conveniences. If I had to scrub your clothing on a washboard you wouldn't be wearing something for 5 minutes and tossing it into the basket, teenage daughter. The dishes would be done on a rotating schedule, sharing the burden, though I imagine I'd be the one with my hands in the dishwater every day. I have a hard time getting help in emptying out the machine that does the washing and drying for us!


MJ said...

Why is it so much easier to load that machine than unload it? Glad all your home apps are serving you well.

EJG said...

With all the modern day electric machines, though, the broom still kicks ass!

BJNR said...

I have 2 "unloaders" who would glad to come down and help. You just have to feed them (ha, ha!)