Friday, July 31, 2009

212/365 Two day-Oy Vey

Shelby was the fictitious teacher in the "Highly Differentiated Instruction" classroom. This facetious question was placed on the Question Board during the 2 day workshop. By the way, my answer? We should all be paid more and have more planning periods." Several times I had to ask if the talking was for the benefit of the group. I even did an "I'm waiting.." Worst part was that the rude naysayer teachers were the young ones, mostly the group from the Teach for America program. At the underperforming schools these recend grads are asked to give a couple of years to make a change. The change that some wanted to make was to stay the same. It was a 2 day battle in a room that was more than 100 degrees. Oy vey. Tomorrow I need a little tourism to regain my appreciation for this island state.


BJNR said...

Tourism? Bah!! After this dreadful experience, I'd be demanding all you can drink mai tais!!!!

Kathy said...

Don't let them get you down. In every line of work there are those who are non-serious about their occupation. What a shame that resources are being spent on these people. Here's hoping the rest of your trip is lovely and filled with positive, fulfilling experiences!!!!

What's in a mai tai, by the way? I bet they taste almost as good in New Jersey. :-)

MJ said...

Oh man, I feel like I'm in the room with you. That's painful! I get especially grumbly about young teachers not caring. They didn't know how much they needed what you had to offer. I hope there were multiple Hawaiian shaved ices after that experience!