Saturday, July 11, 2009

192/365 Lawn Guyland

We made it to NY! Maybe it was 20 hours later than we'd intended, but still in time for the birthday festivities. Surrounded by all the Long Islanders, the air bubbling with their accents, hand gestures, and exclamatory emotions, I felt right at home, even though we knew few of my sister-in-law's friends. A great party, piles of Italian food, kids running amok, 40th birthday cake, and adult libation ensued. We were too pooped from the journey to partake in most of those, but just being there was a treat. Did awy evuh tawk lahik that?


Kathy said...

I don't recall you ever having a thick LI accent.... but then again my memories of such things have faded. I must say, though, that there's some serious evidence of your full integration as a FL resident as you are wearing a SWEATER in July. OK, it's been in the 70s instead of the usual 80s around here, but only a true Floridian would pull out a sweater for her up-north visit!!!

EJG said...

The New Yawk bagels we ate in the mawning were to die fawuh. I had mine with buttuh.

(My accent is back in full force. It will take at least two weeks of sweet tea to get me back to Floridian-speak)

LJ said...

Until I read the title out loud I was expecting a John Deere convention.