Sunday, July 26, 2009

207/365 O'Ahu Here we come

We were out of the house by 5:15 A.M., and it was a long day. One hour to Atlanta, then eight hours fifty minutes to Hawaii. First class flying can't be beat. I saw 3 movies Milk, Yes Man, Best in Show, several House episodes a few Flight of the Concords. We had 2 meals on the long flight, mai tais while boarding, and hot towels for our hands and faces. The lav in the upper (first class only) deck had Aveda facial mist to keep our pores happy. Unfortunately the glamour ended when we got to the hotel of the company's choice. It smelled like old fish, and I'm pretty sure that some one's toenail clippings were on the floor by the balcony. We were outta' there. The Doubletree Alana is perfect. Only a quick dip at the beach and we were pooped. We stopped and bought some modern Hawaiian shirts and muumuus on our short walk from the beach, had a bite to eat in a local coffee shop, and off to bed. Everyone feels fine, but a 6 hour time change is tough!


Liz said...

Alright! I am ready to live vicarioiusly through you...Bring on the pictures.

BJNR said...

Did you need someone to come help you adjust to the time change? I can be out there ASAP! (This is your last chance!)

MJ said...

Great picture and great update. It's great to see you all celebrating and relaxing.