Thursday, July 30, 2009

211/365 Workshop/Sweatshop and a Guest Blogger

My day consisted of a workshop at an un-air conditioned high school with 200 + unwilling teachers, sweat rolling down my back and questions from participants like "Will we be paid more if we do this?"... suffice to say the highlight of my day was when my pen exploded all over my hands and legs.

Guest blogger EJG and IG had an adventure riding Honolulu city buses and visiting the famous Bishop museum; While they have no rail system, the buses ran frequently. Once on the bus, we were surprised to hear each stop announced along with the attractions located nearby. In New York, you're lucky if the bus stops long enough for you to push out of the rear door.
The Bishop Museum was worth the trip. We learned all about the interesting history of these islands and saw thousands of ancient artifacts. A little learning never hurt anyone... even while visiting paradise!


BJNR said...

Gotta love teachers! Aren't they fun? Sigh....

MJ said...

I'm sorry to hear of any trouble in paradise. I guess they'd rather be sipping mai-tai's too.