Sunday, July 12, 2009

193/365 Not from around here...

View from the window of our hotel room.

\As a New Yorker, I never spent a night in Manhattan, even when I lived in Brooklyn, only a token away. If we went to an opera, show, or concert, we schlepped back home with the train or the bus. I knew many Brooklynites who'd never came into Manhattan, ever! Now, as a Floridian, I'm enjoying the convenience of the midtown hotel room. Close to everything, and the world outside our door, we're ready to be tourists. And the tourism began today. Chinatown had its colors and odors on as we walked and shopped and snacked our way down Mulberry, Canal, and Mott streets. Little Italy offered a good finish to the meal with authentic Italian Ices. The night was so beautiful, and we had no plans, so we decided to take the R train to South Ferry and hop the Staten Island Ferry round trip. It's free! And we had an up-close nighttime view of the Statue of Liberty. Back on the R and we are in our room for tonight. I love this city, I'm glad I'm spending the night in the heart of it all, but I'm also glad that I'm just a visitor.


MJ said...

That sounds like so much fun! Next time I'm in NYC, you'd be my top pick for company. :)

Anonymous said...

my parents,NYers to the bone, had a home in Nassau County, but worked in they spent many nights in a NYC hotel WHEN the LIRR was on STRIKE or "other wonderful times"...these New Yorkers were Evan's Grandparents..I agree NYC is a great place to day trip, but I like living in Suffolk, LIRR stops away... BJG