Tuesday, July 7, 2009

188/365 Crime and Punishment

2 hours into the online Driver Improvement Course. I told the officer it would be really hard to improve my driving. I've been licensed for 23 years without as much as a parking ticket. To make it worse, I was CERTAIN he was pulling over the speeding car in the right lane, who whipped by me as the officer signaled me to the curb. I drove toward him, seeing him with the radar, confident that the other driver was going to get it. I wonder if the determining factor was the year-old bumper sticker that we've kept on the car as a sign of national pride.


MJ said...

I tried to call you earlier today but I bet you were in your class. I loved your FB status updates: like little PSA's. At least it was easy to come up with you blog topic for today.

BJNR said...

Your bulletins were hysterical. Good to know you have kept your sense of humor through yet another episode of "As the G's Turn". I would have been angry and driving all over the place.

LJ said...

Driving while liberal