Saturday, June 20, 2009

171/365 Too far, too fast

When she has these letters, I have a chance at winning!

The visit from my dear friend, her daughter, and the wonderful new man in her life has ended. Now they are on their way back to the other coast, and I wonder if we hugged enough. We packed our couple of days with good eats, laughter, more eats, beach time, eats, theater, eats, swimming pool, electronic Scrabble, theater, laryngitis and steroids, and then some more eats and laughter. They came for the show and saw it twice, standing for me and applauding from their second row seats. I spotted them there last night, thankfully not until the curtain call, because seeing them there for me caused me to tear up. All I had left to do was bow and smile, but I thought I was going to lose it. The people, the connections, the bonds in our lives, and how important they are - in this last month I've been held up by a chain of hands and hearts.


MJ said...

That went so fast. It's hard when our friends live so far away. I bet it was hard to save your voice when your BFF was sleeping over. :)

Anonymous said...

The honeymoon is never over - too fast indeed! I'm going to try my best to make it down to LA for Labor Day and see you all again. Nothing beats the real hugs...