Wednesday, June 3, 2009

154/365 Promises kept

MJ has been guest posting, but I think I can cover this one. I had a few hours at home and I read LJ's blog.

EG and I decided a long time ago that we'd have to die together. But then IMG came along and we thought it would be too much to lose both of us, so EG promised I could go first. He's much stronger than I am. Looks like he's keeping his promise to outlive me.

Moral I'm learning? Life does suck. It ends bad and ugly, and the end can come at any time. Think you're living high? Running in paradise, singing and laughing? It can all be taken away without notice. So the only sane thing to do is to act like it doesn't suck. Slap on a shit-eating grin and live. Live the hell out of every day and eliminate the woulda-coulda-shouldas.
Off to the hospital now... updates to follow.


Kathy said...

I am seriously considering plastering my world with your quote: "slap on a shit-eating grin and live". You said it, sister. This sums up life. Your words are an inspiration, as is your love for your family. Still thinking about you guys constantly....

LJ said...

Slap On A Shit-Eating Grin and Live!

Let's sell some T-shirts.

Cora Spondence said...

Where's my frackin' needlepoint? That mofo is going on a pillow!

Did you see the post for your dude on mine? I broke my once a month writing binge just for him.