Saturday, June 13, 2009

164/365 One Step at a Time

Back on the trail this morning, we did our 5 mile Bucks n' Back route for the first time post 5/31. Bittersweet in so many ways. Walking in lieu of "running" attracted the interest of the daughter, who loved the experience and wants to go again tomorrow. At Starbucks we attended a memorial service for Jack. Jack was a Starbucks A.M. regular who held court from the corner chair at our local store, nearly every day since the store opened. For the past couple of years, as we stumbled in, dripping in sweat and parched mid-run, we'd see Jack. Usually surrounded by a group of Bucks regulars, they'd solve the problems of the world, covering topics from politics to college ball. Hearing other people's public conversations like these often makes me cringe, living here in the red zone, but Jack was there for the company and the routine. A long battle with Leukemia ended last week, and his family planned the memorial at the store so Jack's Starbucks family could participate. So for us, the routine is different now. Walking, not running. IMG in our company, and no Jack. But we're still moving forward one step at a time.


BJNR said...

Enjoy every second!!

MJ said...

I love that IMG is with you. Things will get back to normal or maybe even better.

Cora Spondence said...

Walking instead of running, sometimes less is more.