Sunday, June 7, 2009

158/365 7 days later...

Update: My dream came true. In February, 1983, when I began a relationship with Prince Charming, and again today, when I took home that same prince. Healed well enough to be annoyed at the girls' talking during the Tonys, it's my man.

Moving forward, we're looking at 2 weeks with the Frankenstein look (30+ staples and sutures on the hairless pate) before our wonderful neurologist can begin her investigation to get to the bottom of this. The fact is that a spontaneous bilateral subdural hematoma sometimes just happens. The academic in Dr. H is determined to find and cure the chain reaction that began with the headache of March 19th, 100+ days before The Headache that almost claimed my P.C., above. Too many questions remain to be answered, but we love living too much to step into the future with fear. Caution, okay. But living half way isn't our life. We have a second chance at that life together, me and the shiny-headed prince.


BJNR said...

Thanks for the smiles (and tears of joy) first thing this morning! Beautiful post JG! Great face EG!!