Thursday, June 4, 2009

155/365 A Good Sport

More from MJ: EJG is doing well. He's a good sport, too, allowing a picture for the blog so everyone can see that he's himself and looking pretty good, even with less hair on his head. When I asked what he wanted me to share in his update, he said "I'm still here." True enough. Patience is still the word of the day while everyone tries to adjust to hospital times and medical schedules--a different timeline than the outside world. So, nothing new medically speaking, other than staying still. The doctors don't want him to sneeze...literally. After he's healed from surgery, there will be more investigations and plans for fixing what ails him.

He's still got lots of visitors and his new room was packed with friends while I was there. It seems to help the time pass (see patience reference above). He did mention a way he's been able to hear from well-wishers first hand: caremail. The hospital hand-delivers e-mail messages to the patients with their regular mail. You can send him a message through this link: Maybe we can keep him busy with a little fan mail.
In other news, yesterday brought Jello, today brought potato soup--with real potato chunks. Tonight for dinner, he'll get his first solid food since last weekend. When they asked if he wanted to know what was on the menu, he said "No, surprise me." He must be hungry if he wants to be surprised with hospital food. He's been craving blueberry cheesecake but loving Jello more than he thought possible.


Anonymous said...

Heather blew kisses at the screen!