Monday, June 1, 2009

152/365 Waiting and Worrying

MJ here. Does it still count in project 365 if someone guest-posts for you? If your husband had brain surgery it does.

EJG had emergency surgery last night to relieve bleeding on both sides of his brain. After he made it through the surgery, the biggest fears were wondering if he would be himself when he woke up. He is himself—albeit a flat on his back in ICU kind of self. But he’s doing well so far (less than 24 hours after surgery). He’s talking, smiling, moving arms and legs. He even said it would be embarrassing if he couldn’t remember his lines for the play. (Opening night on June 12th though won't be possible.)

The picture is of family and friends…sometimes too many to get in the door, enough to fill a room, but probably still not enough to keep JSG and IMG from worries. Everyone wants to do what they can and right now it starts with being there.


Kathy said...

While I cannot be there with you in the physical sense, I am with you in my thoughts and hopes for EGs strong and swift recovery.I just KNOW he will be fine.Hope you can feel my virtual hug.

BJNR said...

Please know that while we are hundreds of miles away physically, we are with you spiritually. Also, hundreds of people from coast to coast are sending prayers and positive energy your way. We love you and are just a call away if you need anything!! MJ, thanks for keeping us posted (and Judy's project going....).

Beth said...

Thank God he seems to be on the road to a full recovery. I've been thinking of you guys all day and can't even imagine the roller coaster of emotions you all have been experiencing. I'm sending my hugs and love and fierce cyber-vibes for a swift recovery and a return to normalcy.

Cora Spondence said...

Lovely guest post, MJ! You have rallied a host of well wishers!

DiaBelo said...

I am sending the long-distance prayer as fast as I can.