Sunday, April 5, 2009

95/365 No Vacancies

The BJNR crew arrives, hungry and wiggly, but we're prepared. Even though EG is still flat on his back, good friends and laughter will help us to get through this trying week. Medical testing, treatment and crossing our fingers are on tap.


MJ said...

Does the BJNR crew have teenage boys? Your fridge looks like it could feed a few of them, for a day or two.

BJNR said...

Sadly, they are only 5 and 7. We will declaring bankruptcy in a year or two.

Kate said...

My deepest sympathies go out to the patient, but most of all to the long suffering spouse who will be the care giver, psychiatric consultant and sounding board for every injustice that he, the patient is now feeling. As chief cook and dishwasher, her role expands and so do the hours she spends increase as her time for rest and relief decrease.

Never fear~~healing will come and your time of peace and tranquility will return for the man of the house will emerge from his bed and confinement a whole person and much much improved from his trials.

Remember "We can all live in hope if we die in despair."