Friday, April 17, 2009

107/365 Here Again. Again.

Shands Jacksonville. Basement waiting room, Nuclear medicine department. Here again, for EG's regular date with the scanning machine and my regular date with Bob Barker's replacement, the smirking Drew Carey. We, however, are not smirking. The results of the scan showed no leak yesterday. NO LEAK!!! Last week the leak was so large that the leaking fluid obscured the tear. So, maybe it all healed itself. Great! But then why was EG in so much pain this morning that he couldn't sit up in bed? Then I hear from a friend/parent at Paterson that the word on the street is that Mr. G is up and well. Did they see him grabbing his head, tears in his eyes, and fighting the pain to get up and dress for another scan of the nuclear material circulating around his spine? Probably not. Nor did the company that denied the workers' compensation claim.

Another interesting development is my employment situation. While I take on the simultaneous roles of medical transport, nurse, lawn guy, pool boy, cook, laundress, and maid I have put my "paid" vocations on hold. I tried to quit the Kinderjob today. I brought in the polo shirts and curriculum guides, explaining the great unknown that lies before me. They really, really want me to work there, so they basically un-quit me. Returning home to fetch EG for our daily run to the Shands basement, I took a call that has offered me an additional dozen or so days of training work. So the Kindercareer isn't likely to happen, as 12 days of training work equals one Kindersalary per annum.

My path is clearing, and I can see where I am headed. Now I want my husband back so he can walk (and run!) the path with me.


MJ said...

So glad to hear that training work is picking up and there's more work on the horizon. Kindercare knows how good you are!

BJNR said...

Yeah for the employment, boo for the diagnosis....WTF?