Monday, April 13, 2009

103/365 Waiting for the Phone Call

EG didn't allow me to photograph him for this post. He's way past his haircut and hair color due date, so it's probably for the best. He and the cats participated in the same activities all day today (HG and GG) pictured above.

The neuro-opthalmologist called this morning at 8:30. I love Dr. Hill. She starts the day thinking about EG's case. When we delivered the news that Friday's patch attempt seems to have failed, she detailed the forthcoming possibilities.

1. Another patch attempt, though she was unsure that she could convince the interventional radiologist do a patch again without knowing the site of the tear.

2. Another radio cisternogram, if the nuclear medicine department agrees to do it again so soon after the first. If they inject the isotope while he undergoes a CT scan they have better odds of hitting the circulation of the cerebro-spinal fluid.

3. The possibility exists that the tear is too large to repair with a patch. In many cases these things heal themselves. Since we've completed week 4 with no cessation of symptoms, it may be that the tear is large and the repair will have to be done surgically. Eek.


BJNR said...

EEK!! Have you thought about investing in a punching bag?