Saturday, April 18, 2009

108/365 I'm not there again!

Today we didn't go anywhere near a hospital. I ran an 8K race (alone, sadly), returned home and groomed the lawn, and then we spirited off the family to the Concert on the Green competition. Winner or not, IG was wonderful. She was beautifully composed and sang like an angel. Boy, she did us proud. Then off to Town Center where the Cheesecake Factory's Thai lettuce wraps were more than enough for three. A little stimulation of the economy ensued, EG at Barnes and Noble, in a comfy chair, and then with the purchase of a stack of mystery/intrigue books. The daughter and I had bra shopping on the to-do list. Mission accomplished (and thanks for the bra $, Grandma)! Also we found a few inexpensive unnecessaries-shoes, purses, bling. A feel good romp through the mall. With the daughter safely occupied at a friend's birthday party, we undertook a grown-up dinner. My still vertical husband and I split some fajitas at La Nopalera (but I didn't share my margarita). We hit the Red Box and nailed the top rental - Slumdog later tonight. That good-looking guy in the photo is the formerly brain-impaired patient who couldn't sit up without cold-sweat soaking through his shirt or experiencing double vision. He's on the mend! There might be one more procedure needed to patch up the residual damage, but he's almost back to his old, bumbling, lovable, foolish self. And I wouldn't have him any other way.


BJNR said...

A great day all around!!! Glad to hear it! Cherish every second!!

MJ said...

What a great day and night. So glad things are getting better.