Sunday, April 12, 2009

102/365 Stand-in for My Running Buddy

She won't run with me, but we had a wonderful walk. We need more non-confrontational time like this. It seems like so much of our time together is wasted on my efforts to convince her to be more responsible and her attempts to wiggle out of anything that has the appearance of work. Tonight we walked 4 miles round trip to her friend EP's house. It was a gorgeous, breezy evening. We silly-walked and teased all the way home, as I tried to keep the topic of conversation off of THE Boy. She makes me nuts, but I'm crazy about my girl!


MJ said...

Oh, that sounds tough--those teen years. But the walk sounds fun. I hope your running buddy is back in his running shoes again soon and that they're allowed to touch pavement.

Cousin BS said...

Hi guys!
I've been reading you're blog and realize that initials are protocol for identification. So this is Cousin BS in WPB. Cousin FS has told me of the less than excellent adventure of EG. I'm not particularly religious but you're in my prayers Buddy. I'm looking forward to the next entry with hopefully some better news. Best of Luck