Wednesday, April 22, 2009

112/365 No Way

Bear with me if you don't watch the show, but I've developed an obsession with one of the best pop vocalists I've ever heard. He's like Freddy Mercury without being smarmy. He can rock, move, and deliver a ballad that rips your heart out. His falsetto soars and he can rumble with the bassos. Truly my favorite in my gulp 8th year of watching this show. Now I know this isn't scientific. The website has folks download some software and then dial from their computer, measuring busy signals. Based on those they make predictions. But Lil? She was on the low end of mediocre, definitely disappointing. If a sistah butchers Chaka Khan it's over. Maybe it's my fault. We recorded the show and watched it when we came home from rehearsal. By the time we watched the voting was over. Disenfranchised! Again! First Election 2000 now this!

Maybe a bit hyperbolic, but I urge the throng (singular) of my reader (also singular) to remember the name Adam Lambert. He's really good.


LJ said...

If you have a moment, this is Beyonce's board feed from her performance on the Today show. I'll just say that these are some interesting sounds.

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