Wednesday, April 29, 2009

119/365 It's not like I wasn't busy

There were plenty of photo ops today. My exhilarating run this morning, my shopping trip for the play and cast party, my readying the stage for dress rehearsal, the swarms of kids with NEEDS at the dress rehearsal, my ride to the costume shop for the returns and repairs, my blocking and musical rehearsals for Into the Woods. I just didn't shoot any of those things. So I resort to the pet pic. Hansel, who lives without the burden of intelligence, decided to attack my water bottle. I took it away before he bit through. I also caught a "couple" drying themselves off by the birdbath, I'm pleased that they like the facilities.


Cora Spondence said...

"Without the burden of intelligence" is a wonderful phrase and sadly so accurate when describing poor Hans. As a cat, he is spared the daily commute on the short yellow bus.

MJ said...

We never object to pet pictures. After all, they're there everyday. A big part of your 365. It's better than the basement of Shands.

(I liked the homework pic too but it made me sad. the life of the 8th grader...)

BJNR said...

I, too, enjoy the "burden of intelligence" phrase!! I know many humans who do have that burden as well!! Good luck this week!!