Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mission Not Accomplished

It's 5 AM, I'm awake, the kicks are laced and I've strapped on the heart rate monitor. Down the elevator, through the hotel lobby and damn! The fitness center at this trap doesn't open until 7:30 AM. 7:30! My seminar presentation begins at 8:30 so there's no way I can get in my 5 mile, shower, and egg routine before I start. I'll be dragging it all day today. Besides, moving makes my muscles ache less. I'm still suffering afterburn from the devastating workout inflicted by the trainer Monday afternoon. Seriously, I can't straighten my arms for the biceps pain. Something we did when I was on the floor using a press and 180 pounds of weight has made it challenging for me to stand without assistance. Running yesterday made that all feel better. I'll just limp and ktetch through the day, hoping that tonight's new hotel has a functioning treadmill.


MJ said...

I guess it's too cold for an outside run in wherever-you-are today. (Did you know we can't read your calendar? ...only the first 3-4 letters of each place...)
By the way, I love the new picture.

Cora Spondence said...

I believe any workout with Ilsa, she-wolf of the SS gives you the following 10 days off free from exercise. Your trainer scares me.

LJ said...

If I'm sore I like to keep moving too. If I sit too long I wind up walking like Fred Sanford.

JSG said...

Cold and dark. I don't like to run in a strange, dark place alone.

The calendar - click on the date and it brings up a bigger window with location info!

MJ said...

Calendar: Did that. That's the part we can't see. It's like it's stuck behind your blog. I notice it's gone completely today. Maybe you are fixing it.