Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Fickle Fan

Watching the weekly Jaguars struggle with EJG is not for the weak of heart. With every setback he curses his lousy second-rate team. He holds grudges, wishing the opposing quarterback an extended and painful death. Every network announcer is anti-Jag, and he takes it personally. Visibly raising his own blood pressure, he nears explosion every time we punt the ball back. During an interception today, I think he burst a blood vessel in his neck. Then he cheers madly for each little triumph, hooting and hollering in tones that would have done Beverly Sills proud.

This love-mistrust relationship he has with his team is not unlike his stand on Chinese food take-out. We have a long-established relationship with Ming Moon, the best damned little take-out restaurant south of Brooklyn. We have them on speed dial, on the home and on the cell. They know us by voice, and often throw in some of those yummy cheese wontons as a customer appreciation gift. EJG learned this week that a Wok-n-Roll is opening in a new shopping center here on the island. "Let's try it. Maybe it's good for take-out." Did he forget the late night deliveries? The times they came, in rain, sleet, or hail to deliver the wonton soup, the egg rolls, and the sweet and sour sauce?

All of this leaves me wondering. If he can turn so quickly on the team and on the wok-master, what about the spouse?


Cora Spondence said...

Hey, you know peoples who know peoples who can hide a body.

MJ said...

Won't he be back at Ming Moon and won't he cheer again for the Jaguars? He's just optimistic--hoping for a win from his team and hoping for two good Chinese places.

He's already got two great gals in his life. No exploration needed. Plus he needs you on the Sunday run--it's not the same without you.

LJ said...

I used to be like EVG when it came to the Jaguars, but I've been in country too long. I've seen too many things. Now Jaguar incompetance just rolls off my back like water off a duck.