Sunday, November 25, 2007

All things Domestic

I really like doing the laundry. There's something gratifying about the process. Clean becomes dirty. What was soiled is fresh again. Folding it, warm and smelling good from the dryer, satisfies all my senses.

Puttering around the kitchen makes me happy. Last night, for no good reason, I made 2 kinds of soup and a loaf of bread. I conjured up a vat of Split Pea because I was chilly. Then I tried a new recipe from Women's Health magazine for a turkey, barley and greens soup. A great way to use some leftovers, low fat, high-fiber and scrumptious. Isn't it something about soup, how the whole is greater than the sum of the parts? Wonderful chemical reactions made for a delicious 7PM snack, alongside a 3 ingredient (dairy free) recipe I found for beer bread. Having also nabbed this one in Women's Health magazine, I had no regrets about our late, light supper.

As I think about our day, I'm looking forward to our simple plans. We'll try out the legs again, having rested according to published advice after Thursday's big run. 7-8 miles ought to do us. Then maybe some light yard work between the raindrops: a little hedge trimming and whacking back the crepe myrtle and bottle brush beasts. Doing nothing special on a cloudy Sunday, it's delicious.


MJ said...

You are so good at creating a mood in your writing. You made me want to do laundry and eat soup. Thanks for the nod to dairy free recipes. :)

Cora Spondence said...

You are playing fast and loose with that word nothing.
Your "nothing" is my month full of accomplishments! No make that 2 months worth, because those 8 miles would take me about that long.

Yum, and double yum with the whole soupnation! You made me hungry even after I just finished a big breakfast. I am a fan of all things legume in a wholesome broth.
When are we eating?

JSG said...

Come on down, chicas, for the soup. We need to have an "everybody bring a pot of soup" night. Soup is healing.

EJG said...

On behalf of IG, HG, and GG, I'm glad you like doing the laundry.

JSG said...

What laundry do HG and GG create?