Saturday, November 3, 2007

I've got nothing

Woke at 5AM today for the pre-race dressing and coffee ritual. Lovely 10K route through the live oak-lined streets of Mandarin. The weather was so cool I barely broke a sweat, even with an hour of running. EJG and I kept a good tempo the whole time, our mile average coming in around 10:30.

Autumn weather, a lovely course, and some new tunes on my iPod made this a great race. Queen Latifah rocks my world with her new cd of standards, which contrasted well with the lesbo-rock of Melissa Etheridge and the Euro R& B of Joss Stone.

I had a scrumptious race, but no profound thoughts today.


MJ said...

Don't you love when you add something new to your Ipod mix and it works for you? I can always tell if I really like a CD by how much I like it in my Ipod.

LJ said...

Queen Latifah is singing standards, wtf?

Did you know that the running overlords are trying to ban iPods from races for safety and competitive advantage reasons?

Cora Spondence said...

The fact that you get up most mornings and run is profound triumph no matter how you look at it. Any words that come after it is gravy!

And LJ--dude, you've never heard of the Dana Owens CD? Have you never heard her cover of the jazz standard Lush Life (it's on the soundtrack of Living Out Loud)? Sublime in every way.