Saturday, November 24, 2007

I ain't what I used to be

I skipped a day of posting.

I know I didn't pinky swear to the 30 day challenge like some other blogistas, but I was feeling pretty good about the streak of blogs I was cranking out. Yesterday I didn't post because I reconvened with The Mouse.

We departed at 7AM, minivan full of cousins and coffee to journey to the land of happiness. Yes, the place is friggin' expensive. My sis bought 1-day tickets for herself and my nephew. $120 plus tax, no park-hopper options. EJG and I buckled and decided to renew our status as passholders. 4 single day visits equate the cost of a Florida resident seasonal pass. We'll surely be back 3 more times before November 2008, especially if we're invited to the LMJ inaugural Mouse run.

After running 13+ miles, cooking and cleaning on Thursday, the legs held up remarkably well. We were in the Big Kahuna of Family Fun, the Magic Kingdom. In an effort to maximize my sis's one-day ticket dollar, we just about closed the place at midnight. Images of roller coasters, parades, fireworks and more than a few snacks filled our heads as we climbed back into the minivan for the return trip. Feeling peppy (and recently caffeinated) I volunteered to drive, reserving the right to call EJG up from the farm team, should the starting line poop out.

Somewhere north of the intersection of I-4 and I-95 I was slapping myself, blowing pitches into my diet coke bottle, and making my own words up to the nonstop Christmas music on the radio (damn, that I forgot the XM hookup). I decided to do something totally out of character. I gave up.

Off the exit ramp, EJG and I switched places so quickly, I don't think the car ever went out of drive. He was rested, having snoozed from the park exit forward, so he was ready to step in and take over. We arrived safely, just after 2AM. To sleep in our own bed was worth the grueling late night trip. But I lay in bed for a while, reading yet another sign. There was a time I could fight the urge to doze. Clearly, I ain't what I used to be.


MJ said...

Oh! How I know how you feel! (On so many levels in this post.)

I am so glad you went though and I feel happy just thinking about it. I realized at some point today that that was why you hadn't posted and I was happy, just happy for you.

I loved how the title connects to the end, how your regrets (minor) connect to your joys, how you make this post about something more than the Mouse.

We'll keep you posted about any and all plans for inaugural visits.

Cora Spondence said...

No one can describe the House o' Mouse like you. More times than I would like to admit, you tempt me to make a visit, you and your seductive writing style.

As for the pit stop, there is a wisdom to knowing when you need a hand and that certainly goes with your character. AND sure, maybe you ain't what you used to be, but maybe that means you're more and that's not a bad thing.