Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Can Skip Santa This Year

Half of a marathon was a whole lot of running for us. The cool, wet weather was a help in managing the trek (which clocked out at 14.2 miles on my GPS). Near the race's end I cranked up the iPod to hear the tunes over the screaming of my knees. How smart I was to have downloaded a good chunk of an iTunes essentials list. Some dude must've graduated high school when I did. His HS Faves list propelled me through the last 5 miles. Thank you Thomas Dolby, Duran Duran, A-Ha, and Falco.

Even with the tunes for mental inspiration and the caffeinated power blocks for physical inspiration, it got a little rough at the end. Turning a corner and heading for mile marker 13 I was questioning the sanity of this running habit we've developed.

Then something occurred that is truly beyond my explanation. Maybe it's the same motivation that compels people to donate a kidney, or to fall on a grenade for a comrade. Truly, an act of nobility that was amazing in its selflessness. In the chilly morning rain on the Thanksgiving holiday, 3 of the most special people I know willingly left the warmth and comfort of home, drove for 2o minutes, and waited for an hour on a strange street corner just to be there for us.

Forget about Black Friday, 4 AM sales or the presents under the tree. One of the best presents I ever received can't be gift wrapped.


LJ said...

Was it the German version of Rock Me Amadeus or the English version?

JSG said...

English. I like to sing along.

MJ said...

It was the rain that got us there, and the thought of your ten-miler through a cemetery, alone, no mile markers or cheering friends. We couldn't let that even possibly happen on Thanksgiving. Plus, there's the fun of the surprise--and that's always worth it. Thanks for being such great friends.

Cora Spondence said...

Wish I could've been there!

Thanks for sharing a snapshot of the real gifts of this world, people who love you.