Sunday, November 8, 2009

311/365 And still the fat lady sings

So today our refrigerator died, one cat chewed some green ribbon and vomited, and the other chose to relocate her litter box functions (without relocating the litter box), but I'd rather focus on the good of the day.

I'm working on some new repertoire. Faure, Schubert, Handel, Mozart, Bach and I have reunited. These are presents under the Christmas tree to me, but far, far better. It takes a long time to unwrap the treasure in these, first finding the notes in my voice, then learning the dynamics and tempi, translating and learning the pronunciation of the words, to then learning the character, the story, the emotion ... each new layer like the stacking babushka dolls, while dependent on the previous they become more precious as I go. I have a dozen of these presents to unwrap, and it will take me months of work to do so. What fun!

In keeping with the operatic theme, this evening we attended a delightful night of music and laughter with the JU opera program. Their double bill of Menotti/Puccini The Telephone and Gianni Schicchi were well-sung and performed. There was uproarious laughter in the intimacy of their studio theater setting, and even our first-time opera-goer teenager could see the joy in opera well-directed and well-staged.


MJ said...

One of my favorite things about you and your family: you celebrate what you love. You participate in life!

LJ said...

Are you learning Wagner's "Kill The Wabbit"?

BJNR said...

"These are presents under the Christmas tree to me, but far, far better."

I disagree. WE are the ones getting the gift of that beautiful voice of yours!