Tuesday, November 3, 2009

307/365 I Want My Internets

Maybe the time has come for me to get one of those little cards you plug into the side of the laptop. I need the world to be a wifi hotspot. I wanted to check the email at ATL, but I refuse to pay $9.95 for an hour layover. Arriving at the hotel past 7PM dinner and then p.j.s were on the agenda. All snuggly in my room with my Tazo earl grey, I was ready for a little email, blog, lesson plan and surf. $12.54 for wifi? I don't think so. So I wait until morning to go down to the lobby where it's free. I guess I'm addicted to information and communication.


Beth said...

If you were really addicted, you would've paid the $12.95 without thinking twice. You're teetering on the edge, but not there yet! LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree. I just went to Disney a few weekends ago and they wanted to charge by the hour for WIFI as well in the hotel room. I felt lost without my connection to the outside world, but I guess that is what Disney wants to happen. -Deb

Michael said...

Since I got the iPhone and also have my home phone and DSL with AT&T, I thought I'd check on a wireless AT&T 3G card for my laptop (which I don't use very often). They'd give me a big break on the card, but they want $60 A MONTH to use it!!