Friday, August 28, 2009

240/365 Everything Old is New...

We purchased the "catbeds" about 2 years ago, and they were a hit. One with a pink interior and one with blue, these were soft, fuzzy, and the perfect fit for a curled-up kitty's nap. Soon they fell out of favor with our fickle cats, and they were relegated to the floor of the closet. This morning, EJG spied Gretel going into his closet. Fearing that she had ulterior motives (a little "showing off" outside the box) he checked in on her. She was sitting comfortably on top of an inverted catbed.

He moved the bed out to the favored spot, in front of the sliding doors in the bedroom, and left for work. I returned to find Gretel enjoying her "new" sleeping spot.

Of course, upside-down, it doesn't really support her. Maybe it feels more like a hammock. "Gretel was here," this dent says.


Anonymous said...

do you dare turn the cat bed over?? still keep it in her sunny spot....maybe h
Hansel will get jealous and want his bed back? then there will only be 3 people sleeping in your bed!

SJR said...

Our feline family members; so fickle.