Wednesday, August 12, 2009

224/365 Excuses, excuses

It's 10:41 PM, I'm in the hotel room, pooped, and I have no photo to document my day. I'm still wearing my presenter's uniform (professional dress that says I-teach-teachers-but-I'm-still-one- of-you) because I've been busy since the workday ended. I retrieved my email when I arrived back here and learned that I was chosen for a second interview for a local position that involves training teachers. I have been called in for 8:30 Friday morning for a panel interview and I was asked to deliver a 5 minute presentation on the topic of my choice. Now, I've been presenting FOR MY JOB for the last 9 years, but I was suddenly without a clue. I had nothing to present! Not in 5 minutes anyhow. And I'm not going to be daisy-fresh on Friday morning. If the Gods of Delta, Atlanta, and Air Traffic Control like me tomorrow, I'll be brushing my teeth and scratching the cat's neck by 1:30 AM. My date at the Schultz Center will be a mere 7 hours hence.

In short, the cat ate my homework, I lost it on the way to school, and that's why I don't have a good picture for today.


BJNR said...
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BJNR said...

Topic: "The use of practical writing prompts to engage students in the learning process." Example: What excuse could work for NOT having your homework done? Why?
("Not" was omitted from the first post accidentally!)

Good luck Friday!

(Ignore the advice. It's 5:30 and I'm about to leave for a county tech. expo. I get to work the kitchen and feed 1500 very negative teachers! Pray for me!)

SJR said...

Break a leg tomorrow, and come back home safely!

MJ said...

You work well under pressure. This si probably better than two weeks to prepare.