Thursday, August 6, 2009

218/365 Another lonely post

The wifi at the Doubletree in downtown Omaha gave another one of the presenters a virus, so I dare not log on in my room. Alas, I will give up the comfort of my pjs for the integrity of my hard drive, though the trojan would've been the last little push to get me to the Apple store ($100 rebate, fee iPod touch and 3 in 1 printer with notebook purchase). I must blog, Facebook Scrabble and check email somewhere else. Besides, I have to check to see if Omaha Starbucks have the blue architectural cityscape coffee mugs so I can add to my collection (they don't, so at least Jacksonville outranks Omaha in status). Here I sit outside a Starbucks in a chair just like the one I sweat in midrun at home. I sit alone, without my sweaty (running)mate, without the familiar faces. Grateful for the work and income, struggling with the alone time. I guess I've seen how much there is to lose.


MJ said...

I like how you've planned your entire Apple purchase just in case. I've done the same because my hard drive is full, full, full.
At least Starbuck's feels a little like home.

SJR said...

You'll be home today, and I'll see you tonight! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I hope that sweaty running mate isn't my son...he promised me he wouldn't run/jog at far as I know Dr. Hill/Arce haven't given him running clearance.