Monday, August 10, 2009

222/365 "Rode" Weary - Warning to Male Readers - Female Issues in Post

Somehow, in my 42nd year, my body decided that it must shout about the visitation of "Aunt Flo(w)" each month, announced with sleeplessness, the pain of a knife turning in the gut, and a potential that would impress the hydroelectric power generators of the Hoover Dam. And today was the perfect day for it too. My 9:25 A.M. flight was delayed to 11:45 because the incoming plane couldn't land. Jacksonville International Airport was built on a swampy, fog-gathering marsh, and even with one hour of circling the visibility was too poor for it to land, so they diverted to Daytona. Of course, the connecting commuter flight from Atlanta to Harrisburg, PA was long gone. The next Harrisburg flight was at 6:15 so I took a rebook to Allentown, increasing my after-flight drive time from 60 minutes to 140. After a 2 hour wait I boarded the CRJ and we sat for 45 minutes while the technician supposedly attempted to fix the inoperative air conditioning. It worked on the right side of the plane only. Guess where I was sitting? It couldn't be fixed but the flight attendant decided (really, she made the decision) we'd go anyway. Two hour and fifteen minute flight. In Allentown the escalators were all out so I carried my luggage up and down stairs. I asked the Budget Car Rental guy for a car with satellite radio to ease the drive. He said the car had XM, but I discovered (after I was already on the Penn Turnpike) that it had NO radio. Hormones called for food (and it was nearly 6 PM) so I had a Wawa (gas station) sandwich and enough diet Pepsi to sink a ship. Approaching my destination I realized that I'd need to wash this "travel" outfit because I was planning to wear it home. A stop in Walmart is never a good idea on frazzled nerves, and the Amish folk were walking through the store just as slowly as their horse carts drive down the road. Fortunately, my day was saved. The Country Inn and Suites has milk and cookies, chocolate milk and cookies for weary travelers like me.


SJR said...

Oh my. What a horrid day to have when travelling with the devil Aunt. At least there was chocolate at the end of the road.

MJ said...

That was so well written it was painful.

BJNR said...

"How lovely to be a woman..." *@$#$* hormones!!! Glad there was a happy ending!