Saturday, December 8, 2007

What does this say about leadership?

I resigned from my sixth grade teaching position in January 2002. I had been the retiring teacher of the year, and a part of the vertical writing team, the school improvement team, and I coordinated the school literary magazine while I co-directed the full musical each year. I knew everyone in the school, and I think everyone knew me.

In six years a lot changes. Two new administrators occupy the front offices. When we auditioned kids for the musical this year, I barely recognized the names of the homeroom teachers listed on the audition cards. Arriving early for a rehearsal a few weeks ago, I stuck my head into the faculty room and recognized no one.

Tonight I attended the Christmas party for the same school. About 20 faculty members attended (less than 1/3). I knew everyone there.


Cora Spondence said...

Wow, this is interesting I read your post AFTER I finished writing mine.
Something is on the wind.

MJ said...

Same story, different school. (I'm still there though.)

MJ said...

I forgot: our party was canceled this year.

LJ said...

It will never get better for teachers until one of you shows up at school with an AK-47. Everyone makes sure postal workers are gruntled