Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Is the Barometric Pressure Falling?

Moodiness and teen years often go hand in hand. We weary parents of teens learn a skill not unlike storm survivors in Tornado Alley. After the big one blows through we collect whatever trinkets have escaped unscathed, then we move on. Maybe we're gearing up for an F5, but the last few days have been calm, cool, and sunny in teenland.

After ballet practice last night, I picked up IMG to find her happy. Giddy, really. In a dance class with HS students, she's usually cucumber cool, trying to blend. Maybe it was the excitement of the upcoming Nutcracker performance, or maybe it was the fun they had twirling around in their Waltz of the Flowers costumes, but last night she was acting little-kid silly. She even asked me to hug her in front of the other girls.

In the car on the way home from dance we shivered together until the 'stang's heater cranked up, and then we were roasting. A detour to the McD drive through and we shared a Value Menu ice cream cone, giggling at how silly it was to be cold/hot/eating ice cream. At home it was more hugs and silliness.

This morning she readied herself for school early and was out the door at 7:30 instead of the usual 8:45. She got out early because she wanted to go to Science Club. Yep, I said she wanted to go to Science Club. We had a little Chick-fil-a breakfast together and chatted about nothing particular. During the twenty minute drive to school we admired her glittery new make-up, her perfectly scrunched hair, and her Happy Hanukah sweater/jacket with the fuzzy yarn balls on the ends of the hood. We laughed at my old fogy rapping to a Kanye West cd. In front of the school a clandestine kiss-blowing to Mom, and she was on her way.

Yes, things have been calm around here. Too calm. Better keep an eye on the Weather Channel.


LJ said...

She was probably giddy because of the absinthe (see Imaginary Planet)

Isn't that McD's vanilla cone the best $1 you'll ever spend?

MJ said...

I love the metaphor about the tornado, and I picture you and EJG picking up trinkets.

I'm so glad you and EJG had a good day. Maybe it's the holidays. I remember some really fun days shopping with my mom at that age , and it wasn't just because she was buying.

Thanks for a positive post. I needed that.

DiaBelo said...

It sounds like a nice day in Oz.

Cora Spondence said...

The wise ass that lives inside of me wants to say check for pods under her bed, but I think teenworld is very much like regular world. Sometimes all the little things going right add up to a great day. How lovely that you were able to share it with her.
Or it could have been a first kiss.
There's a great kind of euphoric giddiness that goes with that.

JSG said...

First kiss? Omigod.