Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Defection 2008

Puttering around town today, I was listening to the NPR Radio debate of the Democratic presidential candidates. Of course they were out in Iowa, as that is the the state with the best representation of every American. Those Iowans can assess the candidates better than the rest of us, I guess. Mostly the debate made me want to defect to Canada. I was reminded that I am proud to be a long-time National Public Radio supporter. Michele Norris, Steve Inskeep and Robert Segal insisted on answers to their questions, following up with a second query when the candidates avoided direct responses. It was tough going, though. On my score sheet there was only one candidate who would've received full score on those extended responses, Dennis Kucinich. Sure he's divisive, unelectable, and a little elf-like.
I've got to believe though, that he would be pretty influential among world powers. Any guy who looks like that who can convince this woman to be his wife

will have Al Qaeda waving US flags and watching NASCAR in his first hundred days.


DiaBelo said...

He's channeling Ross Perot and Henry Kissinger.

Cora Spondence said...

Love the ending,you always know what to say exactly and always with an Emeril touch (BAM!).
I listened to it a little while driving home from school. I ran out of things to throw at my radio.
I never knew the K man nabbed his wife at the Nicole Kidman look alike conference. Sweet!!!!

LJ said...

2x4's are cheap